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Sites By Coop is a marketing and design agency offering a wide range of services to deliver on the digital projects you may have. We are a full service shop and take great pride in each step of the creative digital process. Let Sites By Coop help your project from inception to completion.

  • Creative & Website Design:
    We have designers in house who live and breathe color, layout, composition, typography. They can help bring your creative and websites ideas into fruition. Whether it’s a banner, flyer, poster, logo, or full fledged website, we can design it.
  • Website Development:
    We craft solutions for your website/digital needs. Looking for specific functionality, we can find the right tools to make it work. We specialize in open source (free) platforms that allow clients to take control of their website and content.
  • Photoshop (PSD) to HTML conversion:
    Already have a design created? We can turn it into a working website.
  • Startup & Small Business Websites:
    We specialize in helping new and small businesses reach their digital potential with a brand new shiny website.
  • Responsive Design:
    Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, our lives are full of screens. Sites By Coop specializes in creating websites that work across all devices and respond no matter what the screen size is. We craft designs that maximize the user experience at each screen size.
  • Mobile Web Development & Design:
    Everyone has a smartphone and everything needs to work on it, including your website. Sites By Coop specializes in designing websites for small screens and making the most of the user experience for your website. Google now ranks websites better that are ‘mobile friendly’. Don’t let your website sink down in search results because it’s not mobile friendly.
  • Responsive Design Retrofit:
    In love with your current website design, but doesn’t work/look good on mobile phones or tablets? Don’t have the budget to do a full-scale redesign? Sites By Coop can take your current design and adapt it to work on multiple screens including mobile phones. We retrofit the latest in responsive design techniques to your current system.
  • Logo Creation:
    Our designers love to sketch and draw, taking your ideas and bringing them into the visions that will represent your brand.
  • Branding and design:
    Need more than just a logo? Need a full branding experience for all mediums? We can do cards, banners, logos, flyers, packages. You name it, we can do it.
  • Digital marketing & Strategy:
    We come up with the solutions to maximize your brand’s digital marketing. Online ads, landing pages, we work with you to find out what is most important.
  • WordPress Development & Design:
    It started out as a blogging platform, but now it’s grown up and is a full-fledged content management system that can handle your website needs. Designed around a very easy to use interface, anyone can jump in quickly and start managing their own website with wordpress. It powers close to 78 MILLION websites. It’s a powerful tool and your website can leverage it today!
  • Drupal Development & Design:
    The swiss army knife of the content management (CMS) world. Some of the biggest companies and government agencies (the white house) run on drupal. A free piece of software that can harness and handle so much. Typically used for large traffic websites, this product can also power your ecommerce website, blog or simple brochure website. The possibilities are endless. Sites By Coop has worked with and on some of the biggest websites out there that used the power of drupal.
  • Ecommerce Development & Design:
    Got a product to sell? We can create a solution for you using some of the most popular ecommerce software out there. Woocommerce (wordpress), shopify, bigcommerce.
  • Content Creation and Writing:
    Let our content writers craft the words that your website needs. We can write blog posts, call to actions, general website verbiage and just focus in on your key message.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
    Searching for a business is important. Sites By Coop can help create ad campaigns and maximize the keywords on your website to help customers find you better.
  • Website Performance:
    Slow website? Sites By Coop can perform an audit to see what needs to be fixed and get your website firing on all cylinders.
  • Photography /Videography:
    We come from a long line of photographers and videographers. We can capture your inventory for an ecommerce site, or just give your website something better than stock imagery.
  • Landing Pages:
    Trying to promote something specifically? Let Sites By Coop create fun and unique landing pages to help push clients to directly to what you want.